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With BlizzCon over and Legion a year away, we got the old gang together and decided to kill another mythic boss, Kormrok.  We sure are super!

We are recruiting 1-2 more totally tubular raiders, particularly shamans, paladins, or warriors.  If you'd like to join this merry band of cool bros, just apply in the recruitment section!

15 Oct 2015 - Pumping Iron Reaver

We killed another boss in Mythic Hellfire Citadel, and here's a related image and the kill video.

On a more somber note, sometimes guilds overcome things like we did.  Sometimes guilds fail to overcome things and that's sad.  To quote Teddy Roosevelt:

RIP other guilds!

We are a mythic guild and we killed mythic things! 

Good work!

We overcame nothing this time, unlike usual. 

Onward to other kills!

On to Mythic HFC now, hurray! 

We are also recruiting healers of all non-druid classes.  Apply in the Recruitment section place.

Our Heroes of the Storm squad made it through 2 rounds in the August North American Open, earning $300 in money.

We crushed our first opponents Team Saldd, then the Guild of Feeders no-showed because we were too awesome.  Then we got steamrolled against a real team in the Round of 32, but who cares, we got money!


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