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Yesterday at 10:43 pm - TCN Killed a Boss: We Soaked Socrethar!

After getting tired of stupid Mythic Gorefiend, we decided to skip up to EZ MODE boss, Socrethar, and killed him after a couple hours.  Thanks, Top! 

We're now 6/13 Mythic HFC, and another boss should be dying real soon.

It was a productive week for TCN, since we downed 2 new Mythic bosses. 
We celebrated by picking up a quick Glory of the Hellfire Raider.

Happy Christmas & You're a Wizard, Harry!

Come, brothers!  We killed Mythic Kilrog Deadeye!  Call TCN a salami sandwich, cuz we're on a roll!

Good work this week, finishing the year off STRONK!  Didn't overcome any shit this time, so not as rewarding a kill.


The High Council has fallen despite me DCing during the fight.  I OVERCAME SO MUCH!  YES!

Onward to more bosses and 2016. 

Still looking for one more awesome raider, either DPS or tank.  Inquire within.

IMPORTANT NOTE: See Yaddle over on the left in that picture?  Why'd they cut her out of the other prequels?  CONSPIRACY!

With BlizzCon over and Legion a year away, we got the old gang together and decided to kill another mythic boss, Kormrok.  We sure are super!

We are recruiting 1-2 more totally tubular raiders, particularly shamans, paladins, or warriors.  If you'd like to join this merry band of cool bros, just apply in the recruitment section!

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