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27 Jul 2015 - TCN still TCNing!

Haven't posted anything on the front page, so just wanted to say, "Hello!"

Currently 8/13 Heroic HFC, and looking for a few new members (WTB Priest, Shaman)!

21 May 2015 - Flamebender Down!

We did it!  After 17 attempts of failure, we overcame the odds and downed (The Last) Flamebender Ka'graz!  We are now 5/10 and can stop trying like other guilds have.

We killed another boss.  We didn't overcome anything this time because nobody got banned for botting.

Double Mythic kill week, and we're the number one ninja and cyborg themed guild on Ner'zhul/Frostmane/ThatOtherOne!  Way to go, bros!

We killed Mythic Oregorger and also how good does Taco Bell sound right now?
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