Burning Crusade Kills & Achievements

TCN began its illustrious raiding career in BC, so there are a lot of great memories (but few raiders) from back then.

Wrath Kills & Achievements

Wrath of the Lich King was an awesome expansion, and here's screenshots of our adventures around Northrend.

Cataclysm Kills & Achievements

Cataclysm was a lame expansion, but TCN overcame so much and got a record number of legendaries thanks to Blizzard's new method of handing them out like candy on Halloween.

MoP Kills & Achievements

Unlike some other guilds, TCN loved our time in Pandaria, and accomplished just as much as we always do.

WoD Kills & Achievements

WoD was not as fun as MoP, and we also stopped taking pictures after kills.  Instead we have many neat Youtubes.

Goofy & Miscellaneous Pictures

TCN isn't all srs bzns, sometimes we screw around and have fun!