Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun Down!

Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun Down!


WHAT A WEEK! Not only did we kill Mythic Gorefiend for the fourth (and final?) time, but we also killed a new boss: Fel Lord Zakuun! We smashed his butt as hard as Grommash does after the fight.

Way to go everybody, we overcame so much to get this kill! Things like:

-People not being online.
-People DCing.
-People sucking.
-People not paying attention.
-People not understanding the fight.
-People not running Befouled out.
-People not running Seeds out.
-People not soaking Fissures.
-People soaking Fissures.
-People getting hit by Waves.
-People not getting hit by Waves.
-TCN being TCN.
-All of the above.

WAY TO GO! It’s on to our next exciting adventure: Xhul-Maloriak!

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