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Get it?  Cuz there's a little guy piloting a big robot and he has shredders helping him. DO YOU GET IT???  I MADE A JOKE!

We killed Siegecrafter Blackfuse on heroic last night, because of hard work and perseverance.  We had to overcome so much, but we had an awesome elemental shaman who knows when to pop heroism to carry us.  Good work everybody, especially Used!  See you on Paragons and then onto Garrosh of Draenor...

After a break for the holidays, we chunk'd Thok before he chunk'd us.

Only 4 bosses left in this expansion, then time for The Rural Jurors of Draenor.  Good job, everybody!


Malka-ROCK down!

Now let's focus on the important news of the BlizzCon: EVERYBODY LOVES THE TCN WEBSITE! 

To the millions (and millions) of TCN's fans, make sure you post and say hello in this thread.

#teambringit #whattherockiscooking #peopleschamp #brahmabull #toothfairy

We downed 2 new bosses this week on heroic: Sha of Pride and General Nazgrim.


Now time for BlizzCon and holidays to stall our progression, hurray!
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