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Today at 10:05 am - Heroic Hellfire Citadel Cleared!

On to Mythic HFC now, hurray! 

We are also recruiting healers of all non-druid classes.  Apply in the Recruitment section place.

Our Heroes of the Storm squad made it through 2 rounds in the August North American Open, earning $300 in money.

We crushed our first opponents Team Saldd, then the Guild of Feeders no-showed because we were too awesome.  Then we got steamrolled against a real team in the Round of 32, but who cares, we got money!


27 Jul 2015 - TCN still TCNing!

Haven't posted anything on the front page, so just wanted to say, "Hello!"

Currently 8/13 Heroic HFC, and looking for a few new members (WTB Priest, Shaman)!

21 May 2015 - Flamebender Down!

We did it!  After 17 attempts of failure, we overcame the odds and downed (The Last) Flamebender Ka'graz!  We are now 5/10 and can stop trying like other guilds have.

We killed another boss.  We didn't overcome anything this time because nobody got banned for botting.
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