Mythic Gorefiend Dead!

Mythic Gorefiend Dead!


After killing two bosses that are AFTER Gorefiend, we finally got around to going back and killing him on Mythic thanks to our 15th different strategy. Woohoo!

Due to website deaths, I didn’t get a chance to post this last week, but here it is now.  This is our first boss kill post on the new website, so let’s see how this format works out.  There’s our usual header image up there, and here’s our kill video:

As usual, I’d like to say that we overcame SO MUCH to get this kill, and we only need to kill him 2 more times ever (we killed him again this week) then never again.  Go TCN!

Special thanks to former guildie Topseykretz (or however he’s spelling it these days) for getting us portals to the upper wing while we ignored the fat boss.

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